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April 2022: How to be Good Leader

Following up on our previous discussion on “What not to do” in Leadership, we took time to ask “What to do correctly”! Knowing that we each wear many hats and have different roles we laid out three primary categories and then a catch-all of “What’s Missing”.


Cultural / Spiritual / Self-Leadership Do’s

Family Leadership Do’s

What's Missing

We focused on these four areas of Leadership during our “walkabout” while each member walked around the room to the different boards and wrote positive attributes of leadership. Then we took time to clarify and answer any questions about what had been written.

Next, we took a few more minutes to add a plus sign (+) next to any statement that resonated with us. These will be marked in the notes below.

You will notice many common themes and even repeated comments., showing that Leadership cannot, and should not, be isolated to individual duties in your life.

Our conversation was varied but centered around the intentionality of leading by example and being a servant leader.

Business/Professional Do’s

Know your people personally


Delegate well +++

Give credit as low in the organization as possible +

Cast Vision – Know where you’re going +++

Lead by Example

Involve multiple levels in decision making

Allow people to make mistake and learn from them ++

Assume positive intent +++

Be open to suggestions/ideas +

Affirm what’s contributing +

Perfect the art of listening ++++++

Be open to other’s ideas, input, perspectives

Be humble – learn from everyone “Level 5” [Leadership]

Cultural / Spiritual / Self-Leadership Do’s

Make time for regular/daily reflection ++++

Be true to yourself +++

Live your faith out loud



Do not be afraid to fail +

Start your day with prayer +++

Get involved with several smaller faith groups

Don’t expect an overnight conversion

Walk with others – have faith brothers/sisters +++

Be engaged with employees at all levels +

Growth and development for all available

Be Humble

Pray for Wisdom +++

“Free” days

Family Leadership Do’s

Lead by faith

Be supportive

Respond (not react) +++

Be available +++++

Be courageous +

Set an example +

Do not be lazy

Prioritize family ++

Teach your kids how to do new things

Let your kids fail ++

Have fun! +

Don’t expect perfection ++

Try it their [your kids] way +

Problem-solve together – listen ++

Nightly prayer – non-negotiable – even 5 min

Admit & apologize when wrong ++++

What’s Missing?

Be consistent +++

Maintain commitments

Always grateful – thankful to God, family, country +

Be Humble

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