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August 2022: Transforming Drama into Productivity at work and in life

A second August presenter was Charlie Moon. (The following was summarized from Charlie's presentation.)

We see drama everywhere we look but many people don't know what to do about it.

  1. William Bridges began working with people in transition back in the early 70s. He wrote a book called “Transitions: When Life Changes”. I began talking about people in transition back in 1994 at a project I did for Boeing when they laid off thousands of workers. This was the start of me helping people to find their new normal and then helped go from “order takers” to “rainmakers”.

  2. People may start looking for “someone to save us”…..the Rescuer, or “someone to blame”….the Persecutor. ​

  3. Steven Karpman invented the “Karpman Drama Triangle”….back in 1967. He talked about three roles:persecutor, rescuer, and victim.

  4. F.O.T.P. “Focus On The Problem”. The problem focus causes anxiety and that anxiety creates a reaction and that reaction creates a different problem.

  5. In the middle of every situation there’s a CHOICE POINT. There’s a point where you have a choice to respond or react in how you’ll manage a situation. We get to choose.

  6. David Emerald that came up with “The Empowerment Dynamic”---TED for short. Showing us how to see and realize we have a choice.

  7. FOTO: Is the acronym I came up with “Focus On The Outcome” of what we DO want. Figure it out. Get clarity on it. Then FOCUS on the outcome…..and then execute on that outcome. ​

  8. Start with Vision……long-term vision. Depending on the project start with a long runway to get yourself there. The OUTCOME is your north star. It may be 10 years out. It’s a guiding light----again it’s your north star. What you do over the next 30/60/90 days will determine the trajectory of your energy and where you’ll end up. ​Focus​-Clarity- ​Execution

  9. Now----we revisited the CHOICE POINTS:​ You can be a Victim/Rescuer/Persecutor/Creator/Challenger/Coach…’s your choice and if there’s another person involved, they have a CHOICE POINT to select and they decide what role they will play.

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