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March 2022: How NOT to be a good leader

Updated: Jun 7, 2022

At the March Round Table, Members discussed ways that were not conducive to good leadership. These ideas were broken down into three categories: Business Leadership, Cultural Leadership, and Family Leadership.

Business Leader Don'ts:

  • Be afraid to share your faith through example

  • Talk openly about your faith

  • Shut down new ideas

  • Hide yourself

  • Be afraid to try new things

  • Value Results over people

  • Expect others to read your mind

  • Playing Favorites

  • Forgetting to Smile

  • Fail to be appreciative of others

  • Forgetting to have fun

  • Separate your work life from your faith

Cultural Leadership Don'ts:

  • Shut down others ideas

  • Be inconsistent

  • Advance peoples careers at the cost of the culture

  • Give up

  • Focus on your own issues

  • Bw unwilling to address performance issues

  • Say yes to everything that comes your way

  • Assume culture will emerge without work

  • Forget to have fun

Family Leadership Don'ts:

  • Telling but not doing

  • Lose site of self

  • Underestimate yourself

  • Share your mistakes

  • Just say no, practice love and logic

  • Lead a different life at home vs work

  • Forget that you could be wrong

  • Forget to talk about your faith

  • Be afraid

  • Forget to have fun

In April, the Round Table will discuss ways to be a good leader.

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