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June 2022: EGO Concept, Lead like Jesus

The June Presentation was a TED talk by Blake Wells.

EGO Concept – Lead Like Jesus – Ken Blanchard and Phil Hodges

• Edging God Out – Earthly / Material Perspective

o Pride (Promoting Self) Fear (Protecting Self)

o Always: Separates, Compares, Distorts

• Exalting God Only – Eternal Perspective

o Humility & Trust / Confidence

• ALTAR your EGO

o Seek Higher Purpose

o Scrupulously Assess & Surrender

o Seek promised guidance of Holy Spirit as your Ultimate Coach

Jesus’ leadership approach – CARPENTER MODEL

• Novice – direction, basic information - Directing, Mt 10:5-10

• Apprentice – instruction, practice, evaluation-Coaching, Mt 17:18-20

• Journeyman – assignment, encouragement Supporting, Mt 14:28-30

• Master/teacher – affirmation, autonomy - Delegating, Mt 28:18-20, Act 2:36-38

What are You Looking For?

• First Words of Jesus’ Apostolic Ministry is a question....

o “... Jesus turned and saw them following him and said to them, “What are you looking for?...” Jn 1:38

• Answer to that Question will:

o Lead you to your goals & Act as a Filter to Prioritize your actions

• Fisherman Story

• All Good Leaders Challenge with Questions.

Created with innate desire to be happy = to Become Better Version of yourself

• Every action is helping or hurting – NO LUKEWARM

• You can be TRUTHFUL with yourself or you can avoid the TRUTH

• Too Busy because you CHOOSE to be too BUSY (Bound Under Satan’s Yoke)

• Activity does not lead to happiness it is a CHOICE

• You will NEVER be happier than your level of SELF DISCIPLINE.....

Tools / Resources

Rhythm of Life / Dream Manager / Dream Questions – Matthew Kelly

Strategic Coach – Dan Sullivan

Gratitude Exercise

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