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May 2022: Followership: Maxims, Musings, and Mental Models

The conversation for this round table focused the advice on leadership from the follower's perspective. In order to lead you must have followers, but what does that mean and how can that relationship be the most beneficial in achieving a common goal. Here are few of the ideas that were discussed in the May round table.

Every Encounter Counts

Relationships are built by shared experience. Don't dismiss the small encounters that can lead to opening bigger doors. Focus on the creative purpose that brought you together and how you can prepare for your next encounter. Look at the encounter from the other's perspective.

Everything Matters to Someone

There is no small matter when it comes to interactions with others. If you put “detail oriented” in the job description don’t be surprised when the details matter. Consider all five of the senses when taking inventory of your interactions with others. Think about what things you share or have in common and how that can shape the building of a relationship.

You Can't Teach Anyone Anything

The learner must choose to learn. But what makes people choose to learn? Purpose. A really good reason. And how do people learn? Mostly by mimicking someone else, by example. Lead like Christ: Choose to be intentional servant leader.

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